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Trucks are primarily used for commercial purposes i.e.carrying goods. The amount of load these vehicles carry and the pressure they go through is incomparable to our everyday cars. This is why trucks usually last a lot fewer miles than other vehicles. Normally a truck lasts 100,000 to 150,000 miles on average.

If your truck is meeting its end, it probably demands or more repairs and maintenance. So selling old/used trucks or vans can be almost impossible because most people won’t invest in used trucks. So what can be done in such a situation?

First of all, stop panicking and contact Total Wreckers now. In all of Adelaide, no one pays better cash for trucks than us. This is not something that we claim and boast about, but our customers over the years have supported this statement of ours.


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We are professional truck wreckers in Adelaide with a professional team that is ready to assist you with friendly customer services. No matter what size your truck, no matter how new or old, Cash For Cars Adelaide will buy any truck in any condition. Truck Wreckers Adelaide picks up your used, unwanted, scrap, or broken trucks anywhere across South Australia. We offer fast and free truck wrecker services in Adelaide South Australia.

Free Truck Removal Service

Due to their immense size and large metal content, the removal of trucks isn’t always that easy. It requires even bigger machines and towing companies can charge you more for removing your trucks than your cars. This is when Total Wreckers steps in to save the day.

With us, you can get top cash for your old truck and even enjoy a free truck removal. Our truck removal service is quite swift and hassle-free as our staff members have years of experience in the field. Are you sick of an unwanted truck sitting in the yard or driveway?

It is tough when you are not sure what to do with it. Towing is costly. Pulling the parts requires knowledge, strength, tools, and time. So don’t be anxious anymore. Call us and let us give you a top cash offer for your wrecked, accident, and damaged truck. We are the removal company that buys trucks and arrives with cash in hand when removal is scheduled, So you don’t have to go to the cost to have it removed.

We buy & remove trucks free of charge from all Adelaide and surrounding farms and towns. All you have to is call us or fill up our online form and get an obligation-free quote for your truck.

Truck Wreckers

Get Top Cash For Trucks Adelaide

If you have an old/accidental truck which is unroadworthy then don’t worry at all. Under our cash for trucks service, we are obliged to accept all kinds of trucks no matter the condition or working state. We understand that trucks have to go through a lot of workloads as compared to other vehicles.

This is why we treat trucks fairly and try to provide the best cash even for a truck in the worst possible condition. Your truck could have met with an accident recently and you might have decided to sell it instead of repairing it. This is certainly a wise thing to do and we respect your decision. Before we tow away your unwanted truck, we will not leave you empty-handed but with $9,999 cash in your hands.

Remember, before we arrive at your premises, make sure to remove all your personal belongings from the trucks to avoid all the hassles.

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Total Wreckers Are Known To Buy All Vehicles

We buy all brands of cars, trucks, vans, buses, and more. Whatever vehicle you have, we can pay you up to $9,999 for it. We save you from the hassle of fixing up your car and buy the vehicle in all conditions.You don’t have to worry about us turning you down just because you have a wrecked, accidental or totalled car. When it comes to buying old cars, we don’t get finicky or choosy at all. Whatever comes our way, we purchase it.

Damaged Cars

Cars with dented body

Junk Cars

Flooded Vehicle

Fire damaged Cars

High-mileage Cars

Get Instant Quote For Your old Truck 

Valuating old vehicles, especially trucks can be a tough job to accomplish. With hundreds of thousands of miles counts on the odometer and degraded parts, you probably estimate a low price for your used truck. But this is not always true. Getting an approximate value of a vehicle is crucial before selling it.

We can help you with this. You can call us or fill up a form on our website with appropriate vehicle details. Within a few minutes, we will get back to you with an estimated price for your old truck. You can consider this as our offer for your old truck or use this as a reference to post ads on other marketplaces. Whatever you do, this service is completely free.

After receiving a quote, the remaining process is rather easy. We will be at your doorsteps whenever you say and conduct an on-site inspection. Then you will be paid up to $999 right on the spot. No setbacks, no delays.

Adelaide Truck Wreckers

When it comes to wrecking trucks, our truck wreckers are professional and experts of the line equipment that extends beyond belief. Our professional truck wreckers are fully equipped to provide our customers with the courtesy of having our pros dismantle their trucks for them. So they do get the best value for their trucks.

Our truck wreckers team is courteous and polite, allowing our customers to discuss the condition of the truck with them to provide all choices to maximize the value of the truck. We always try to provide our best services and do so respectfully and professionally.

Our company’s quote system of trucks is based on factors of trucks itself. So, you get a fair price for your truck for its make and condition. We provide our customers with an easy way to get a quote.

  1. Get a quote over the phone
  2. Get a quote online

When quotes are provided then it is upon the truck’s owner whether he or she would like to accept it or reject it. When you accept the quotes, we will schedule the FREE Car Removal within hours.

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