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Total Wreckers is a car removal and wrecking company and has been providing car removal services in Adelaide and all over South Australia for 10 years now. We have established a strong reputation by proving people with top-notch cash for their junk cars. Moreover, we also offer a free car removal service. We help you get rid of your old and unroadworthy vehicle from your yard or garage within a day.

Under our Cash For Cars Adelaide service, you can receive up to $9,999 instant cash for cars in Adelaide in exchange for your accidental, broken, or old damaged type of car. While using our service, you do not have to pay for removal services. Total Car Wreckers Adelaide offers Cash for Cars Adelaide, Trucks, Vans, UTEs throughout all suburbs of Adelaide.

To be honest, there are plenty of car buyers in Adelaide who will be willing to buy your old car. But getting deserving cash for such a vehicle is quite strenuous. You might have to spend days haggling for a better price and despite this, there is no assurance that you will receive a reasonable amount. This is when Total Wreckers steps in to save the day.


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Thinking of selling your damaged, scraped car?

A  car is considered to be scrap when it is totally damaged or wrecked and spending more money to repair it seems rather illogical. The best way to treat a scrap car is to sell it to a scrap yard where it is dismantled for parts and metals. But since there can be numerous scrap yards around you, it might be confusing to pick the right one.

Some will pay you reasonably while others won’t even provide you with satisfactory service. Some of the buyers might even charge you excessively for removal or towing. However, with Total Wreckers, there are only good things coming your way. We offer the most convenient solution for the disposal of your old or damaged car. Unlike others, we buy your vehicle within a day and you will receive your payment right on the spot.

If you’re like most people, then you don’t have time to try and organize getting rid of your junk car. It can be a lot of hassle trying to get it listed, viewed, and sold. So why aren’t you free of your junk vehicle the straightforward way by contacting us now, getting an instant quote, letting us pay you for it, and then take it away free of charge? It’s that simple.

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We’ll Buy Your Old Car

If you’ve got an old car at your house which you haven’t used in years, then you should probably let it go. There is no point in keeping a vehicle that cannot take you to places and assist you in your daily needs. But since buying a new car has become a lot easier and cheaper, there are very few buyers who will be willing to pay for your old car. Even if you find yourself a buyer,l chances are, you won’t get paid accordingly.

Not to mention the additional charges for car removing or towing. The whole thing can become a mess. Some stingy buyers might even haggle on the price by bringing out style, make and model as excuses. But our team buys old vehicles of every style, make, model, and in any condition.

Sometimes old cars aren’t worth the money for their repairs or restoration. So the more straightforward solution is getting some cash for it and letting us remove it with no extra charge and in a trouble-free way. 

No matter how old, decrepit, scrap, or ugly your car is, we will still pay for it and remove it for free. You can enjoy our services like a free instant quote, free car removal, and top cash for cars wherever you are in Adelaide. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we leave no stones unturned. This is why we have been referred to as one of the best old-car buyers in all of Adelaide.  

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Total Wreckers Are Known To Buy All Vehicles

We buy all brands of cars, trucks, vans, buses, and more. Whatever vehicle you have, we can pay you up to $9,999 for it. We save you from the hassle of fixing up your car and buy the vehicle in all conditions.You don’t have to worry about us turning you down just because you have a wrecked, accidental or totalled car. When it comes to buying old cars, we don’t get finicky or choosy at all. Whatever comes our way, we purchase it.

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Cash For Cars.

Cash For Cars services are not limited to just one or two areas of Adelaide Metro but, it covers all Adelaide suburbs and regional towns:

  • Adelaide Western Suburbs
  • Adelaide Eastern Suburbs
  • Adelaide Northern Suburbs
  • Adelaide Southern Suburbs
  • cash for cars Murry Bridge
  • Unwanted cars Mount Barker
  • Scrap cars Noarlunga
  • Cars for cash Morphett Vale 
  • Cash for clunkers Moana
  • Old cars Aldinga
  • Cash for cars Adelaide hills 
  • Defected cars Elizabeth
  • Unregistered cars for cash Gawler
  • Accident cars Virginia
  • Old trucks for wrecking Freeling

Cash In Your Pocket

Total Wreckers puts money in your pocket. If you’ve got a broken, damaged, old or a car you don’t want anymore, then contact us to safely and efficiently remove it for you to get cash for cars. Plus you can eliminate any chance of getting a nasty fine or facing legal issues from your local council for having unwanted or unwarranted cars laying around. Which means removing vehicles from your property can prevent you from getting further unnecessary expenses.

Got an old car lying around? taking space and don’t know what to do? If this sounds like you then contact Total Wreckers today.

Why? Because everything is worth something. Even it’s a small amount. There’s no need to leave your scrap car sitting around anymore when you can get some money for it.

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