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Got a damaged car lying around? Are you planning to sell it or get rid of it to make some extra cash and space for a new vehicle? When it comes to selling an old car, its Car Removal Adelaide that becomes a major concern. A buyer could pay quite reasonably for your car but most of them won’t offer towing services.

Even if you manage to arrange for the removal, you might have to pay a hefty amount to car towing companies. This is just the tip of the iceberg because most towing services are simply not worth your money and time due to their slow and messy way of doing things. Are you finding it difficult to get a car removal service in Adelaide? If you’re having trouble getting rid of your damaged vehicle, then contact Total Car Wreckers Adelaide for free car removal all over South Australia.


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Sell Unwanted Car For Cash

If you’ve incurred damage to your car whether it be small or large then the most straightforward option is to get rid of it with the help of Car Removal Adelaide rather than try for expensive repairs. You can push your old car for a few hundred miles with minor repairs but it isn’t worth it. Even after repair, your car can still break down abruptly leaving you stranded.

Keeping it in your parking spot or garage does nothing good to you, your family, and your bank balance even if you have a deep emotional attachment with the vehicle. After a few months, the vehicle starts providing shelter to poisonous plants and venomous animals. It starts collecting rust, dust and makes your place look filthy. So if you are in Adelaide and are thinking about getting rid of such a vehicle then let us give you cash for your car and transfer it for you as well. What’s better is we remove it for you for free at a time that is most convenient for you.

Often, getting rid of a car is a long process and usually a complicated one. If you’re like most people and don’t have the time, then let us come and remove it for you.

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Why Choose Total Wreckers’ Car Removal Adelaide Service?

We’ve been buying and removing vehicles for a long time, so we have years of experience in the automotive industry. This means we’re dependable and professional car removal specialists in the Adelaide area. Without getting fussy over the make/year/model and condition of your vehicle, we accept it and pay you wholeheartedly.

Even if the vehicle is damaged, wrecked, accidental, and completely unrepairable, we will still pay for it. We accept SUVs, sedans, crossovers, vans, UTEs, etc, and pay you up to $9999 right on the spot when we come for removal.  

It’s quite simple to sell your damaged car to us. Further to this, we’ll give you the best price for it without any hidden costs, charges or fees. Everything gets clearly explained in the initial stages when you contact us, including the payment and the paperwork. Which means our service is hassle-free and quick.  

Contact our team today, explain to us the level of damage to your car, its make and model and we’ll provide a quote straight over the phone. If your car has some minor dents and scratches then let us know about them too. Then organize to remove your unwanted car at your most convenient time. We will be at your location within a day and before you know, your car will be gone and you will have a handful of cash. It’s that simple.  

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Total Wreckers Are Known To Buy All Vehicles

We buy all brands of cars, trucks, vans, buses, and more. Whatever vehicle you have, we can pay you up to $9,999 for it. We save you from the hassle of fixing up your car and buy the vehicle in all conditions.You don’t have to worry about us turning you down just because you have a wrecked, accidental or totalled car. When it comes to buying old cars, we don’t get finicky or choosy at all. Whatever comes our way, we purchase it.

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Damaged Car Removal

Damaged car removal services area are not limited to just one or two areas of Adelaide Metro but, it covers all Adelaide suburbs and regional towns:

Why Remove Your Unwanted Car from Car Removal Adelaide?

Getting rid of an unwanted car allows other people to buy scrap parts off your vehicle to repair their cars or buy the whole car itself. You’re also providing wreckers with the goods they may need, and if it’s irreparable, they’re able to dispose of it the environmentally friendly and correct way. 

Many people can benefit from parts of your wanted car such as its panels, bonnets, doors, and engine parts or the whole engine too.

We’ve been removing unwanted cars around Adelaide for years which means we’ve refined making the removal job as convenient and straightforward as possible. 

It’s as easy as calling us. We provide you with the best price possible while ensuring you the fairest deal for your car and deciding the best time for us to come and remove it for you. 

Contact our team Car Removal Adelaide today for a quote and let us give you cash and collect your unwanted car for free.


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